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Shaving Cream: Cremo Cream, the Astonishingly Superior Brushless Shave Cream

Cremo Shave Cream: Dramatically reduces cuts, nicks, scrapes, and razor burn. Gives you the closest, most comfortable, longest lasting shave. Leaves your skin astonishingly soft and smooth

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4 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Gregory Hall says:

    Can you please tell me if the shaving cream is tested on animals???
    Thank you

  2. kyle says:

    Hey Gregory,

    Thanks for the question. I should probably add this to the FAQ…

    We do not and have never tested on animals. Further, we make sure our lab and their vendors are cruelty free and do not do animal testing. Further, all our ingredients are vegetable based, so we are vegetarian as well.

    Have A Nice Shave!


  3. M says:

    It’s not often that I go out of my way to comment on a product, but I’ve decided to go out of my way and visit this company’s website. I am happy to say, this truly is the best shaving cream I’ve ever used. I’ve tried everything from $45.00 shaving pucks, to other similarly marketed creams. Cremo is second to none. The quality of this cream also means a small amount is all that is needed, and the shave is superior to anything. For a person with particularly sensitive skin, this cream leaves no irritations or obnoxious smells. I will never use another cream so long as Cremo is available.

    Thank you,


  4. Erik Butzek says:

    I would like to reiterate “M’s” post. This cream works better than any of the countless products I’ve tried in my life. I’ve spent anywhere from $1.50 - $50.00 on products that still left me irritated. Cremo Cream smells fresh and refreshing and left my skin with literally NO IRRITATION for the first time in my life. I, too, will be a loyal customer so long as this product is being sold. I cannot thank you enough….!!!!


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