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Shaving Cream: Cremo Cream, the Astonishingly Superior Brushless Shave Cream

Cremo Shave Cream: Dramatically reduces cuts, nicks, scrapes, and razor burn. Gives you the closest, most comfortable, longest lasting shave. Leaves your skin astonishingly soft and smooth

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Can I use a brush and a bowl with Cremo Cream?

Absolutely! Although Cremo Cream was designed to be brushless and applied with your fingers, you can use a brush and bowl. With your brush, simply mix together a small amount of Cremo Cream with water in a bowl or dish. You may have to experiment a bit with the ratio of water to Cremo Cream so that you get your own perfect lather.

3 Responses to “FAQ-#2”

  1. Keith says:

    Cremo works great with a bowl and brush. I use just the amount of water the brush will hold. Make sure you add Cremo to the bowl and not directly to the brush. I really think Cremo works even better this way!!

    Cremo is great stuff…on par with Penhaligons, Institute Karite, etc. I rotate soaps and creams almost daily…so my comparisons are recent.

  2. Allen says:

    Agree 100% with the comments above. It takes a few tries to finally get the lather you want but once you do you’ll be amazed. I can mix a real good lather in less than 20 seconds. Be careful with the water though as Cremo is somewhat sensitive to water.

    Just in case you are wondering, it works great brushless, I just prefer it with my bowl and brush :)

  3. Leisureguy says:

    I used this shave cream this morning: smeared a little over my beard, then used a brush to create a very nice lather indeed. Worked like a charm.

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